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OMNI means expressing vividly that OMNI can serve you no matter where you are .

OMNI online shopping only cooperates with good products , only for customers. The termination of OMNI : customer-centered, take pride in products and team based.

OMNI Online Shopping Mall Invitation Program

Today’s  world-wide strong development trend of science and technology is constantly changing people’s lifestyles and they firmly believe that online shopping will grow rapidly in the next five years. As the times progress , the internet has become a part of our lives. So let our platform make progress with your peers and achieve you and me . We increase our customer base with sincerity and sincere service .Merchants who can travel with us should also have sincere service and product quality to customers . OMNI is “customer-centric , proud of products and team spirit”. Our spirit is the goal of trust , unity and success.

Join Conditions

1)    Merchants must be reviewed by the team at OMNI before they can be eligible to join .

2)    Merchants must treat customers with a sincere attitude after joining the OMNI online mall  if the customer reviews the product , the merchant must make corrections . OMNI online mall will give merchants three chances if no changes are made ,the OMNI team willsend a message to notify the merchant that they will lose their OMNI membership .

3)    Can’t destroy OMNI’s reputation if we discover the facts that are deliberately fabricated and spread fictitious facts ,destroying OMNI’s reputation is a serious act . OMNI legal counsel will impose legal sanctions on this matter .


What are the advantages of joining OMNI?

1)    Advertising for free on our platform for a year 

2)    Free of membership fee

3)    Merchants who join OMNI will be displayed first on the search page according to their rankings

4)    Build brand image and increase customer confidence

5)    Merchants who can cooperate with OMNI for a long time are excellent and can win the honorary award of OMNI online mall, can get various benefits from OMNI online mall

What benefits can OMNI give customers?

1)    Free shipping

2)    The platform will serve customers 24 hours a day

3)    OMNI online store will select quality products for sale

4)    The platform gives the consumer two days to inspect the product

5)    Customers can choose between good, medium and bad reviews of the product or write a comment, the person in charge will pay attention to the evaluation and make improvements

Invitation Program Form

OMNI has a total of 18 major product categories

Bag, Stationery, Books, Women’s clothing ,Men’s clothing , Jewelry, Clock, Adornment, Cosmetic, Daily chemical supplies, Household appliances, Kitchenware, Sporting goods, Shoes & hats, Toy, Food, Baby care product, Consumer electronics.